Hi, I'm Alanah,

A lifestyle photographer from Bay Area, California! I am a lover of Jesus, my family, and life itself.

Photography has served as a medium for me to look deeper into the everyday lives around me. What started as a little hobby became an honest desire to photograph my family and friends and show them what I see–pure, radiant beauty. Beautiful life that is worth documenting. Now. Today. 

And I hope to bring that to you. 

In our time together, my goal is to not only make photoshoots comfortable for you, but also to remind you that documenting you and your family or significant other is so incredibly worth it. It’s my hope that what I create for you serves as gifts to the ages, heirloom legacies passed down for the generations to come. I hope that they spark a confidence in you to know that the moments of your life are well remembered. 

Let’s connect and see what we can create together.

Alanah S.

Photo by CLOVE & WHOLE